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Top salary for CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo (© AFP 2008)

Real Madrid has long been so stubborn memboyong stars for Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo to the Santiago Bernabeu. As a security step, stronghold The Red Devils renew the contract of Ronaldo, who is now with the popular nickname CR7, on 13 April 2007. When the MU and CR7 union agreed in the contract for five years or until the summer of 2012. Ronaldo salary increase to 120 thousand pounds, or about Rp 2.1 billion (exchange rate of 1 pound = Rp 17,600) per week.

However, Los Blancos remain stubborn and trying to seduce as closely as possible so that the Hijrah Ronaldo to La Liga. Issues Ronaldo and Madrid exchanges more heat in the summer transfer season ago. Then, if Ronaldo had dikabarkan was' moved to another heart. Luckily for the MU, they have the figures sekaliber manager Sir Alex Ferguson is able to coax CR7 to stay at Old Trafford. The result, CR7 again expressed its commitment to play with The Red Devils.

Selesaikah matter CR7? Of course not. In accordance with Article 17 in the FIFA transfer rules, a player's possible to cut off the contract if the work was completed three years of contract work ditekennya. To be able to cut off the employment contract, the player must first pay the compensation fund of the salary he received in the time remaining contracts.

Now, back to the matter of Ronaldo. At the end of the 2009-10 season, half Timnas Portugal age 23 can cut off this year's contract with the use of these rules. This means that Ronaldo just pay compensation of 12 million pounds, or about Rp 211 billion (the amount of salary he had received in two years) for hengkang from Old Trafford. The amount is very small compared to the exchange bandrol Ronaldo transfer.

Therefore, in order to anticipate temptations return from Madrid, as dilansir News of the World, at the end of this season (summer 2009) MU prepared revised employment contract, Ronaldo, and offer the highest wages in the Premier League that is the salary of 150 thousand pounds (about Rp 2, 64 billion) per week. Salary is greater than the income John Terry in the Chelsea reached 135 thousand pounds (Rp 2.37 billion) per pekannya.

"Upcoming summer season will be crucial elements in the contract situation. For, in the next season he will complete the third year in a contract. No one player is (at MU), which had cut off its own contract work. I am sure, that will not happen, "Ferguson firm.

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